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Removable Cover

Spend more quality time with your dog and less time cleaning. Unexpected messes and cleaning is a breeze? Just unzip covers, put in wash and dryer and you're done.

Wash & Dryer Friendly

Save time & money with a bed that doesn't get destroyed in the wash and dryer. Our beds are wash and dryer friendly so you can keep them good as new every time they need a clean.

Super Durable

Stop buying a new bed for your dog every few months. Our beds are made from premium materials, heavy duty base, zippers and stitching for long lasting durability.

More Comfort Than Competitors

Have a happy, healthy pup who loves to sleep in their bed. We put more cushioning and filling in our beds so you can relax knowing your pet is getting the support and comfort they need.

Sleep Better Than Ever

Pet keeping you up at night? You deserve the best sleep and so does your pet! Sleep soundly knowing that both of you will wake up refreshed. Our beds are specially made with pets in mind, for them to nestle comfortably all night long without being disturbed by noise or discomfort - for a deep uninterrupted sleep.

Never Worry About Your Pet Again

Imagine the feeling of peace as you walk out your door for work or a night out, knowing your dog feels safe and sound, snuggled up in a bed that makes them feel comfortable and secure. Rest easy knowing that they're happy, safe, sound asleep- no more anxiety or fear when you leave them!

Quick & Easy To Clean

No one pet likes pet bed that get destroyed in the wash. Our beds are quick and easy to clean, washing machine and dryer friendly, just take off the removable cover and put in the washing machine, comes out as soft as you first bought it, washes and fluffs up like new every time.